ministry of sacristans

The sacristan is a lay person who has been delegated by the pastor, to be in charge of the sacred vessels, vestments, etc., of a church, who then in turn prepares the altar for the celebration of the Eucharist. The sacristan may also assist the Priest at the altar during the Liturgical celebration. 

​Some responsibilities include:

·         Preparing the Holy Eucharist for the celebration of the mass. This includes readying the wine, water, and bread and putting them in place for the start of mass.

·         Setting up the church. Typically, sacristans arrive at church before anyone else- often even the priest/celebrant. They light the candles, arrange the books, and basically perform a little housekeeping before mass begins.

·         Assisting the altar servers. Sacristans prepare and help the altar servers perform their basics duties before and during mass.

·         Cleaning the holy materials after mass. There is usually a sacristy, a room at the very front or back of the church reserved for this position, where the holy containers for the water, body, and blood are stored and cleaned. Everything is set back in its place in the sacristy before sacristans leave the church.

Are you interested in assisting? Please Contact the Church office