ministry of liturgical art & design

If liturgical art can rightly be called Christ’s art, then it should also be considered the art of the people of God, for the people of Christ are intimately linked to Christ and are with Christ and in Christ. Therefore, though the primary role of liturgical art is to give glory to God by reflecting the beauty of the divine, a vital secondary, though in many ways no less important, role of liturgical art is in service to the people of God, the Church itself. Liturgical art must be “worthy of the place of worship and … enhance the liturgical, devotional, and contemplative prayer they are inspired to serve.

In this role of enhancing liturgical, devotional and contemplative prayer, the church art is acting in service to the people as they, in turn, seek to serve God. Certainly, it is possible for the Christian to pray without having religious art nearby. However, when that art is present, it serves the Christian at prayer by acting as a lens through which prayer is focused.

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