Community Events and Parish Activities

​An Hour for Contemplation: Takes place in the church, at 11:00AM weekly for one hour. You will need to purchase the Cloud of Unknowing.  The translation by Carmen Acevedo Butcher is excellent.  Everyone welcome!

Youth Dances: Our Youth Dances are a great time and a lot of fun! They are also well supervised and a safe environment for your child.  Dances are held twice per month from 7:00 – 10:00PM, in the Parish Hall, Cost $7.00 for ticket.  Youth dances will return in the fall!

Benny's Adult Art Classes: Thursdays evenings from 7:00PM - 9:00PM in the Lower Knights Hall.  Returns in the fall!

Greater Things: Our new teen/young adult’s group meets every Sunday after the 7pm Mass in the Sacristy.  Returns in the fall!


If you are a new member to the parish, or considering joining, there are so many groups that you may find to be a great fit for you. Call us at 905.623.3233. We are here to serve you. 




Our Community